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go kart international

Post by Speed Infinite on Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:46 am

The CIK-FIA sanctions international championships in KF1, KF2, KF3, KZ1, KZ2 and Superkart. These are regarded as the top level classes of karting and are also raced in national championships worldwide. The World Championship (KF1) is decided here. The current 2008 World Champion is Marco Ardigò from Italy.[11]

CIK-FIA categories:

KF1 (the top level), KF2, KF3, and KF4 (so-called “basic” category). All are using the same water-cooled no-gearbox 125 cc “long life” two-stroke engines with starter and clutch, each with different technical specifications (mufflers, air boxes, carburetor, rev limit etc...).
KZ1 and KZ2, both 125 cc gearbox categories.
Superkart, a 250 cc gearbox category.

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