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go kart engine snowmobile modle

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go kart engine snowmobile modle Empty go kart engine snowmobile modle

Post by Speed Infinite on Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:24 am

Another popular choice for people who build their own go karts is to use an old snowmobile engine. This choice is usually very powerful and lightweight. They are typically 2 stroke, and offer a lot of power for their size. Snowmobiles also typically use a CVT (continuously variable transmission), and this can be adapted for use on a go kart. These can be extremely powerful for their size, but keep in mind that they are normally quite loud and can be a bit finicky to run. Some of these also do not like to run at lower RPM's and some may foul spark plugs. Many of these 2 cycle powerplants can rev up to high RPM's and can make a go kart very fast! Even too fast! So, be careful if you decide to choose one of these.
Speed Infinite
Speed Infinite

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