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go kart tires

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go kart tires

Post by Speed Infinite on Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:09 am

Wheels and tires are much smaller than those used on a normal car. Rims are made of magnesium alloy or aluminum. Tires can support cornering forces in excess of 2 G (20 m/s²), depending on chassis, engine, and motor setup.

Similar to other motorsports, kart tires have different types for use appropriate to track conditions:

Slicks, for dry weather. In international level racing these are some of the softest and most advanced tires in motorsport. Some car tire manufacturers, such as Bridgestone, Dunlop or Maxxis, make tires for karts. There are also specific kart tire manufacturers, which include MG, MOJO, and Vega. Slick kart tires come in many different compounds, from very soft (maximum grip) to very hard (amusement and rental karts, less grip but long life span).
Rain tires, or "wets", for wet weather. They are grooved, made of soft compound, and are narrower than slicks. Not all racing classes allow rain tires.
Special, such as spiked tire for icy conditions, or "cuts" for high grip dirt/clay speedways. Cuts are modified slicks using a lathe to optimize handling.

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